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The End GBV Now campaign is an LGBTQ+ inclusive editorial of striking, high fashion imagery that identifies and raises awarenes to the ongoing gender based violence brutality in South Africa.

Often, these topics are deemed too harsh for the world of fashion. Oil in the water to the mythical romantic dream that fashion offers it’s viewers - a moment removed from a world too hard to live. But what if fashion could, as much as it makes one dream, make one think. To provide its viewers with clues and food for thought. That, through a collective “we” as apposed to a subjective “I”, sums up the mood we breath, in all social contexts.

Just as with any art form, fashion upholds a responsibility to address global issues. Issues that, individually, we may not have the voice to fight for. Be it war, global warming, social controversies or political outcries, these topical issues and social manias that, as equally controversial as essential, fashion, through it’s unique and powerful lens, has the necessity to bring closer and make part of our every day reality. By collectively saying no to gender based violence, this enables us, in our own way, to be useful. And to convey, as our civic duty, a message against barbarism.

What is important, through this project, is that at least one of the hundreds of thousands of South Africans suffering from gender based violence every day can feel our nearness. And that those who follow, may feel stimulated enough to take action, condemn and support those in trouble. It is through this awareness that urges us to make noise, louder then any person ever has, in a true, national manifesto to end gender based violence now.

The intention for this campaign is to, ultimately, hold a mirror up to society and address the toxic state of masculinity through a series of evoking images that unite the fashion industry in publicly saying no to gender based violence.

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